mother became wife of servant’s son

I’m fucking you mom. Ah, I have never felt so peaceful in my life. Day and night always, even if I kiss you all my life, your honey will never end.

Mom- ahhhhhh ahhhhhh how relaxing it is. Long, long, tight fuck. Suck milk, suck, press, press, fuck. Orehhhhhh baby boy reaaaaaaaaaa. Ohhhhhhhhhh what happiness you are giving. Jadu Sonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of…

I am becoming my mother. Put your pussy or throw out my juices?

Mother – Fell gold inside the vagina will do nothing. I will take the pill from tomorrow. Said mother pressed my lips with her juicy lips and started sucking.

I fucked hard. Ma also began to beat the floor. I’ve never given a bitch like a bull in my life. It is amazing that the mother is taking such inhuman penetration without pain, in absolute peace as if it were nothing. The best magi like mother can never be found anywhere. Even in heaven, you won’t find an apsari who is as sensual and skilled as mother.

Mother’s coldness is going on continuously in the house. Due to the hard work of my body, my whole body is sweating profusely on my body, milk, and stomach. There is continuous licking of mother’s body, milking and sucking. Mother’s chill is also increasing. Mom screams happily – ummmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh what the fuck is it? Isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. incest choti

Luckily, my one-room house is at one end of the city, so there are no houses or people around, only fields and canals. Otherwise, the way the mother makes noises, screams, loudly and passionately, and happily eats the son’s khandaani chodani – if there were houses nearby, people would have gathered even on this Nishuti night. This mother’s scream melts the window and breaks the silence of the night.

I got a headache after pounding for a long time. I understand that it is time to leave the goods. Mother’s soft hands on both sides of the mother’s head on the bed and held it with my strong hands. Leaving all the weight of my body on my mother’s body, I continued to suck and suck her lips. Sometimes I suck milk. Licking throat, armpit, earlobe. I am biting my finger and making it red.

This time, I buried my nose and mouth in my mother’s bosom and held my breath and began to thump in and out like a full-grown shabal. The teak wooden mattress is shaking with the two heavy bodies of such crazy drunks. panting Catch catch catch is screaming like a cot. The sound of the bed, the coolness of the mother, the smell of her sweaty body, the soft light of the dim light, kissing my own mother in the dark environment — all together, my blood rose to my head. incest choti

With my two hands under the mother’s head, I wrapped my fingers around the mother’s hair and biting her lips and neck, I screamed wildly and started to fuck her. Mother’s huge breasts are being crushed on my manly chest. Mom puts her hands under my arms, hugs me, hugs me, rubs my back and pats me like an animal. With my face in her mouth, mother’s whispers are creating a heavenly atmosphere with a muffled hmmm ummm mmmmm sound.

Finally, after thrusting thousands of times into her warm, soft, wet cunt, I couldn’t hold back anymore and poured my hot cum into her pussy. Mao squeezed the juice again. Both of them seem to be pouring out a flood of juice. The mixed sex of the two comes out of the mother’s pussy and wets the entire bed. I have never poured so much material in my life. A whole cup of hot, fresh, youthful semen.

After fucking, I lay on my mother for a long time. After such a great fight, no one has any strength left in their body. Both of us were very satisfied. It was the best fuck of both of their lives. I’m giving a light kiss on the lips with the mother’s milk. Mom lovingly strokes my hair and kisses me back. incest choti

I said in a tired voice with my face in my mother’s ear – Mom, if you have a stomachache?

In concern of the son, the mother says with a soft smile – no, son. You don’t have to worry, honey. Because I will take daily pill from tomorrow. You bring good pills from the pharmacy. You sure can fuck me every day whenever you want. You can fill my pussy and stuff. The joy of pouring son’s material into mother’s pussy is different.

Saying this mother kiss my lips, mouth, forehead with utmost love. Then the mother again said in her sultry sohag voice – my son, from today you will not look at outside girls when I am with you. Don’t go to bad girls. talk to me i am your mother It is my responsibility to make my son happy. And listen, crazy boys, working girls, market whores are never good. Those dirty girls like you would put a good boy in danger, fool.

By now, I understood why the mother forbade the female worker to come to work! Why these two days mother has behaved so abnormally with me! The mother actually wanted to give herself as the son’s sexual partner to bring him back on the right path. incest choti

In fact, the mother kept her son away from bad girls for the sake of her only son. Mother satisfied son with her youthful makha dasa body. The mother didn’t want her son to be in trouble with bad magicians.

On the other hand, a mother’s widowed body lust can be satisfied with her only son like me. I don’t feel like going to any outsider. Mature, heavy-set middle-aged women like mom need a hot, young, strong young man – in the world of fucking pleasure, only her son can give his mother endless fuck.

In the extreme pleasure of sex, I pressed my mother’s tight ass, sucked milk like a watermelon, smelled the sweaty smell of my mother’s armpits and said happily,

– Mago, no one else could give me the comfort you gave me. I have fucked many magicians in my life. But, I have never met anyone as happy as you, mother. No one has been fucked with so much affection, affection, passion, love like you. From today I am only your mother, and you are only mine. From now on I will only kiss you. You are my mother, my wife, my family, my everything, you, mother. incest choti

Mother was shaking my clothes and licking the sweat on my face, neck, and chest. After hearing this, she looked into my eyes and said in a sad manner, “Yes, child, I will stay here as your wife.” That’s why I came to you. Who else is there in my life except you?! You are not only my son, you are the city of my youth, my lover, my allowance.

I was impressed by the mother’s compassionate love. In sheer emotion – ‘Okay, mother’ I said, hugging her bare, naked body with both hands and placing her lips on her fat, juicy, plump lips and gave a long loving kiss. A kiss like a husband-wife relationship developed between mother and son as a result of emotional intercourse.

Hugging my mother and kissing her, I whispered to her – I love you, mother. Mom hugged me tighter and hid her face in my chest and said – I love you too, my dear boy.

(Henceforth by mother I mean to fuck my wife continuously. Day and night always mother is eager to fuck me. I am very happy to have the best sensual woman like mother as wife. You will bless me – as a son I will serve my mother. (Can do, can always fill mother with satisfaction, joy, love of sexual pleasure.)

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