fuck the milky maid

After returning home in the evening, I saw a new middle-aged sexy woman with fresh milk and asked, who is this?

The wife replied that she came in search of work to find out if there would be any workers. There is no one anywhere, they used to work in a house, they have left here. Now I left it where it will go, I said stay here. I (amar) have Anu at home, so if please needs it, I will go there. bdsm stories

I (ami) said, well done. Have you seen her blouse? Did they stay in the house like this, not even a blouse? At least give your (tomar) one. I saw, but she doesn’t want my (amar) blouse. I’ll see if I go to the market tomorrow, I’ll get one. Yes, bring it, it seems to be clean. What is his name?


During the conversation, I washed my hands, changed my clothes, and sat down to eat. Menti came at such a time and asked Boudi to bring the roof cloths. Whatever you see, bring it if it is dry.

Then I looked a little better, even though the age has faded a little, she was once beautiful. The milk is trying to tear the blouse and come out over the hem of the saree. It didn’t seem like anything at that time, I fucked my wife once last night after she woke up in the morning, so there was no question of getting dirty. It goes like this. At night, the wife is there, he didn’t need to look at Chudi and that plea. A few days later a sudden call came that the wife’s brother was coming from Singapore, he had to go home. Meanwhile again no work is being sought for Menti. What else can be done? I (ami) come and see. Salil Babu’s wife told about a man. I will see when he comes, I (ami) come back. Anu has no problem. Two days later the younger brother came and took his wife. Just two days after that, I had to walk a long way to work. I returned home late at night.

Menti asked, Babu returned so late today? Yes, don’t say, I went to a village far away. There is no rickshaw taxi. I’m tired of walking all day on dirt roads. Go, you wash your hands and face, I (ami) heat the rice and curry. I lit a cigarette and finished eating in front of the TV and sat for a while. Anu was already sitting on the carpet watching TV. Anu doesn’t look too bad either. Big breasts don’t want to be bound by kameez, they want to leave the veil and come out sometimes. Anu got some relief after Manti came. In the meantime Minti finished the kitchen work and sat next to Anu. Meanwhile, my whole body (amar) is throbbing with pain, especially my legs, how about the waist. Leaning on the handle of the sofa and watching TV with a slight tilt. A Bengali movie is playing. indian sex stories

I said to Anu, this Anu used to press my (amar) legs a little. After the whole day’s fatigue, Anu’s eyes are almost closing with the comfort of tapping his feet. Minti said go grandpa lie down, you are feeling very tired. Yes, let’s press a little more.

That kid is well tipped. Do you press like that, Sir, give me, see how you press. Pushing Anu away, he started tapping himself. The whole body felt a kind of feeling after receiving the warm touch of Menti. After a while the movie ended.

Anu said I (ami) go to bed, so she got up and left. I (amar) want to sleep. I said to Menti let me (ami) sleep and you press your feet. fall asleep

Yes, you do, I understand that you are sleepy. I came to bed and lay down. Menti is sitting under the bed and pressing her legs up to her knees. Why don’t you give it a little higher?

After saying that he started pressing on the lungi. I (ami) lifted the lungita up to the waist. Now put it on the waist. While doing this side and side, the knot of the lungi is untied, somehow it is twisted around the waist. When the waist was pressed, I said again, “Give it a little here again,” and showed the run below the waist. Lungito was already yard. In that gap Dhon Baba (baba) is out. I(ami) understand being erect. Slowly my (amar) mind is waking up. Dhon baba has become erect. Sometimes touching with begging milk. Cudi at least once every night. There is no cheating business between him for two nights, what is wrong with Dhon?

If the vagina is so close, the penis may not be erect. After that, sometimes I feel the touch of unknown new milk. Dhon Ekbar is like an upright stalk. There is no light in the room. The lights coming from the dining table in the next room.

Blinking my eyes, I see Minti sometimes looking at Dhon and then at her feet. What a rhythmless movement in the hand, often wanting to stop. I understand that something is changing in his mind when he sees the steep rice. Now, while leaning towards him, he started to drink milk. I pulled my hand and gave it to me and said, press it a little.

As soon as it was handed over, Menti held the rice in such a way that she did not want to let go, the hand pressure was gradually increasing. Tepato doesn’t want to let go of Dhon. Let’s see what he does. Some time passed. No, there is no change, in a way, the iron remains. Why are you holding it, press it.

How to press this again? Why is it so long? Well, you don’t have to press, you do like this, I wanted to show the cage. But he is not giving up on anything. I understand who knows how many days of fasting. I sat up and kept the lungi aside, seeing the door open I suddenly remembered Anu. No, he is already asleep, so there is no fear. And meanwhile Menti is holding the ram so I (ami) can’t move much. Holding her in that way, I also got down beside her and sat on the carpet and pulled her saree and unhooked her blouse. Dad is so big milk! It looks like two footballs are hanging. I was surprised. His breathing is too fast. getting the word I saw with my hand that the drops of milk are hard as bullets. I pressed for a while. However, he is not giving up. The pressure is gradually increasing. Dhon’s head hurts. The head hurts if you hold the upright rice in such a way. Why did you keep it like that? If you want, I will give you the ball.

I have never seen such big milk in my life. I want to eat a little. I took a hard bullet-like drop in my mouth and started sucking it and it started to jerk. I sucked again. Sucking one by one and pressing in hand. This time I grabbed two huge milk and sucked two drops together. desi sex stories

With both hands, I have pressed the milk from both sides so that the drops do not move. Menti couldn’t stay still as soon as she started sucking the two drops together. Uh uh is doing it, and the pressure on Dhon is increasing. No, it can’t be delayed any longer.

Hot veins running through Dhon’s head. I left the milk and put him to bed. By this time Menti Dhon left. The blouse is already open but hanging on both sides.

As she lifted the sari petticoat up, she broke the knees of both her legs and spread her legs. I (ami) took the dhon in front of her pussy with one hand and put the head of the dhon on her cunt and saw hot lava flowing, wet silently.

I rubbed the two lips of the pussy for a while, especially where the upper lips meet. On the other hand, his waist is shaking. The head went inside the cum-soaked pussy as it rubbed. I didn’t delay anymore, I gave a tap.

In one fell swoop, all of my (amar) famous 8.5 inch dhon was pocked into the pit of Minti’s cunt. Menti gave a soft squeal of happiness, Ohhhhhhhhh. I kept it like this for a while, sometimes I sprinkled it with rice. He said how big!!!

Ohhhhhhhhh. This time I started tapping, not less than 40/50 per minute. I stumbled for a long time. How do you feel?

Very good grandfather. This time I slept on his chest. I bent my back a little and placed my head between the huge breasts and held her with both hands.

Fuchfuch Fuchfuch sound is coming from her pussy. Now I raised my head and brought my face to his ear and asked after how many days do I play Thap?

This is how long you have been here. Does that mean that the previous baby also fucked you? Yes, not daily but after 3/4 days. That lady is very strict. Not as soft as Boudi. But the widow works. When he was not at home, Babu used to take me to bed every chance he got. What did you do?

No answer. Why are you not talking?

Fuck? So whether you would have kept it or not, you do not understand this?

At that time Anu called Didi, O Didi, where did you go? As soon as he entered through the open door, he saw us together almost naked on the floor and hurried out.

I (ami) hurriedly took out the dhon from Minti’s pussy and left the room without taking the lungi. I (amar) had lust for Anu for a long time. I didn’t do anything just because of the fear of my husband and because of the fear of respect as a local person and besides that he never kept me (amake) hungry.

When he gave me what I asked for. Do you want to eat at home and want to eat at the hotel? But today?

What is the way now? No witnesses can be kept. Either way he has to get involved or his sister will tell him when she comes.

After leaving the house, I went straight to his house and wanted to grab him and bring him. He will never come. Looking at my (amar) naked body without lungi said I (ami) will not go.

Come on, I took it by force. I came here and saw Menti lying there as I had left her. Seeing us, Anur grabbed the chain of the kameez and pulled it off forcefully. Anu was trying very hard but could not cope with the force of Menti.

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