fuck the milky maid

Menti said to me (amake) as soon as she opened her kameez, Grandpa, suck her milk, see how it gets cold. So I did, her milk drops are quite big. Anu immediately wanted to cover the milk with both hands but Minti held her hand again. Without delay I(ami) held her other hand and filled her mouth with a drop, very comfortable to suck. When Anu wanted to pull it out, I took a bite. I started pressing her other milk with one hand.

Bitten by the milk and became dull. Her milk is not being pumped hard, fresh milk inside, no one has pumped or sucked it yet.

I am sucking Anu’s milk while Minti is taking off Anu’s pajama and touching her pussy. After a while he begged and said, Grandpa, look, give it to him this time, see that Vizza has gone.

I see with my hands that it is really wet, the tide has come. I left the milk and sat between Anu’s legs. In the meantime, Dhon baba fell asleep while trying to force himself, woke up again after drinking milk.

I held Anu’s cunt gaping and pushed it with Dhon’s head but it didn’t penetrate easily inside the new cunt. I had to push harder, but only the head went in. And Anu cried out in pain.

Menti says this magi shut up, after watching you will understand how fun it is. Anu has no further response, remains silent. This time I pushed it in slowly.

Isssss new pussy fun is different! Ekkebare is tight, as if Dhon is trying to hold on to his father. I started typing. Magi was initially hesitant, then stopped in his tracks.

After waiting for a long time, Manti said, Din Babu, give me some more this time. I (amar) will not need more, just a little bit.

I left Anu’s pussy and inserted it into Minti’s pussy and fucked it again for a while. Minti’s old pussy was loose, not having much fun.

What happened to you?

I didn’t get any answer but now Anur’s pussy is fun. So I pulled out the water from Minti’s vagina and put it in Anu’s vagina.

After a while it was time to leave the goods. I asked Menti, who will eat the veins of juice? Grandpa will be out of the goods?


Don’t put inside her, her new pussy. Pohati will get upset, eventually you will get into trouble, put inside my(amar) pussy. Let go of that magi, let go of Dadababu’s money, Dadababu give me (amake).

That’s why he forcefully pulled out the dhon from Anur’s vagina and inserted it into his own vagina. I (ami) asked that you will not have stomach? Let the stomach rumble? What do you do? You keep sucking empty milk. After thrusting for some time, when the extreme condition of the cock before the material came out, it became hard as iron, suddenly he jerked the cock out of the pussy, filled his mouth, and started sucking on the cock. And immediately it seemed like half a cup of metal came out.

After the food came out, when Dhon stopped shaking, he took out the food from his mouth and swallowed all the food and asked me (amake) to release Anu’s milk.

Anu doesn’t open her mouth at all. The teeth are clenched, the mouth does not want to open. Do not eat magi, you will have different fun. He opened his mouth by pressing the jaws on both sides of his mouth and took the dhon himself and filled Anu’s mouth and said, Ne eber chush achuda magi. Suck and see how much fun.

You have never eaten rice in your life, how can you understand? When I fuck again, you will eat the goods, see how fun it is.

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