Student Teacher Sex Story

I saw him for the first time that day! At first sight, the baby girl lit my body on fire. Girl i.e. Arpita, she has seen only eighteen spring, so I said baby. Goilani Sona, from whose house I go to fetch cow’s milk every day, is her niece Arpita! indian sex stories

Octave Youth Arpita is studying higher secondary. That day he was wearing knee-high short pants and a light colored gingham, probably his father’s. Most of both of her newly blossomed youthful lotus buds were exposed to reveal more of her chest.

Arpita’s skin color is fair enough even from a world of poverty, so she looks very beautiful. His two lotuses were well developed as he aged. It seems to be 32. But it didn’t take me long to understand that the girl’s body had not been touched by any man’s hand till then. His fat-free pelts and fair tresses glistened in the light of day from being drenched in water. In fact, the girl woke up and went to wash her face in the bathroom. And then he caught my eye.

Arpita glanced at me once and understood that my sharp gaze was swallowing her body flooded with the tide of youth. And why not, I’m only twenty-four years old. At this age, if you see an eight-year-old in a short dress at seven in the morning, what is the head? But that poor thing could not even go home in front of me in that short dress.

I wanted in my heart to expose the virginity of this young girl and eat honey sex honey. Just then Sona handed me the bottle of milk and said, “Dada, I am looking for a teacher for my niece. But the remuneration they are asking for is beyond our capacity. If you take some time to show him Bengali and English then it will be very good. You don’t have to pay the price of milk in return.”

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I immediately grabbed this golden opportunity to get Arpita close to my student Arpita . And to oblige Sona, I said, “I will teach Arpita, but not for anything. I will definitely pay you the price of milk.”

I thought it was right to go to Arpita’s house and teach. His father and mother are day laborers, so he leaves for work early in the morning. Sona herself does not stay home for long in the morning to deliver milk to her home. There is only Arpita’s grandmother, the golden old mother, who neither sees nor hears. So even if Arpita lays hands on her in her presence, the old woman will not understand anything.

I went to Arpita’s house the next morning to teach. Only Arpita and her grandmother were in the house. On the first day, the fresh-faced Arpita wore only a tapefrock, which was never able to suppress her exuberant youth.

The tapefrock skirt had a red brassiere, which made Arpita’s clitoris look even more prominent and perky. Most of Arpita’s cleavage and voluptuous legs were exposed, with only a tiny panty covering her private area.

Since Arpita and I were sitting facing each other on the bed, within no time I succeeded in seeing her panty. Half-exposed breasts of Ashtadasi on top and open Pelva dabna on the bottom, I could not understand which way to look. What should I do to teach this beauty, before that, the girl is tightening my stick!

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Arpita suddenly said, “Sir, today is very hot, isn’t it?” Don’t you feel hot? Ugh, if it wasn’t for you, I’d take off my tapefrock and be in just my underwear! If you take off your shirt and genji, I can take off my tapfrock. But take it again before the PCs come back, or he’ll make trouble!”

I thought to myself Rani, the device to reduce the heat of your body is in the pants of my pants, only if you express your desire or give permission, then I will reduce your heat! But I could not say anything.

I felt that either the girl is fully matured physically but mentally boyish, so she wants to expose her youth to me even more after exposing herself so much, or she is too clever, so she showed me her youth in the absence of the family on the first day. trying to pull towards

Although the structure of Arpita’s breasts, ass and buttocks looked like she was still virgin and had not yet touched any man’s hand or instrument in those parts.

Arpita said with childish earnestness, “Sir, today is the first day…. I don’t feel like studying. Come on …… Let’s talk a little! Well tell me, how do you see me? How is my figure? The boys in my class say I am very sexy! Do you think so too?”

Well, what answers to these questions? But I have heard that if you praise a girl, she comes a few steps closer. With that in mind, I said, “Arpita, you are extremely beautiful, there is no doubt about this. Your physique is also very attractive, which can make any younger boy head over heels. But whether you are sexy or not, it cannot be understood by looking at you while wearing a dress. If I ever see you in just your underwear, then I can say it right!”

I thought maybe Arpita would hide her face in shame hearing my words, but nothing happened. On the other hand, Arpita smiled and said, “Sir, someday why, you have to tell me today! I’m taking off the tapestry right now. But you have to take off your shirt, genji and pants with me!”

And mother! Saying this, Arpita opened the tapfrock and stood in front of me wearing only underwear and started pushing me to undress too.

At the first sight of the eighty-year-old youth while only wearing underwear, my mind was blown! Arpita’s breast is round like a tennis ball, and it looks like someone has placed it on her chest with a deft hand.

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Arpita’s bra only managed to cover her nipples and the rings around her. I felt like grabbing her newly formed nipples and squeezing them, but I held back.

Arpita’s lean stomach and lower abdomen, narrow waist, ass slightly bigger than a tennis ball covered in panty, smooth as a banana belly, fully exposed pubes blooming with the weight of hairless youth seemed to enhance her beauty.

I had no idea that a girl could be so beautiful from such a poor life. Finally I said, “Arpita the boys in your class are right…. You are really very sexy, which is called kamuki in Bengali!”

On Arpita’s insistence, I was forced to remove my clothes, genji and pant in front of her. My body remained only underwear! I was afraid that if Arpita’s PC came back home and saw both of us in these scantily clad clothes, she would become an expert.

Arpita understood my thoughts with a smile and said, “Sir, you can rest easy. It’s still too late for the PCs to come home. And my grandmother, she will not understand anything. Well, sir, why is your undershirt puffed up like that?”

I realized that the girl is innocent, does not know anything and does not understand. So I pulled her to me and said, “Arpita, seeing you like this has made my thing swell and harden. It is normal for boys to do this when they get to girls. Have you ever seen that of a boy?”

Arpita said, “Yes, I saw my younger brother’s nunkuta, like a small potal. He is eight years old. He wants to become nangto in front of me.”

Hearing Arpita’s words made me smile. I smiled and said, “Arpita, just as girls’ breasts and buttocks get bigger after puberty, their breasts get heavy, boys grow beards, mustaches, their bodies get stronger and their organs develop during puberty, and a girl’s When it gets close it becomes long, thick and hard like a big cucumber. Then it is called increase. Just like I did when I got you. Do you want to see my cock?”

As Arpita eagerly said ‘yes’, I took out my 7” long and 3” thick bare penis from the panty pocket. Seeing my cock, he was shocked and said, “Sir, your cock is so big? The front cover is also folded and the head is so shiny! Where, my brother’s nunkur Dhaka is not folded like this? Is it just for older guys?

Do boys change so much in puberty? I did not know anything! A friend of mine said that when boys put their cocks in girls’ vaginas, both of them get a lot of pleasure. Yes sir, is it true? What do you do with this big thing in the leak? It hurts a lot, doesn’t it sir? Don’t listen, my pussy feels so wet!”

Arpita I came to teach Bengali and English literature and on the first day I am discussing sexual literature! Not only theoretical reading, but practical training! I made Arpita sit on my bed and gave her a kiss on her soft cheek. Arpita’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

I smiled and said, “Yes Arpita, boys grow long and thick like this. The bigger the penis, the more fun the girls have. It’s true that girls have to endure a lot of pain the first time the penis is inserted, but once the whole thing is in, the pain subsides and the next time it doesn’t hurt at all. Then just fun fun! Just as you made my cock grow, so did your pussy with me. Both of our bodies want to merge. Today you don’t want to study anymore, so will you do this experience?”

Arpita said with a bit of fear, “I have to endure a lot of pain to take that big penis of yours in my small soft and narrow vagina, right? My vagina is very narrow, if the blood comes out, then at home or how to tell? Besides, I heard that if you do that, the baby gets stuck in the stomach of the girls. Then it will be a disaster!”

I caressed Arpita and said, “Yes honey, it will hurt a little. But I’m going to push it in slowly, so that your little cunt doesn’t tear. I brought a condom with me. If they mate later, there will be no chance of conceiving. Give it a try, you’ll have a lot of fun. Let me remove your bra and panty and make you naked, then I will proceed.”

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Arpita was surprised and said, “Condom! What is that again? How will you use it again?”

Oh, boy, the girl knows nothing. He has to learn everything from scratch. I said, “Condom is a kind of rubber opening, which has to be worn on the penis before insertion. Then boys’ breasts don’t fall on girls’ bodies, so they don’t get pregnant. I will show you everything. You put on my condom with your own hands.”

By saying this I took off bra and panty from Arpita’s body. The virgin girl, who had never undressed in front of a man till date, suddenly shuddered in fear and shame at being naked in front of me, and tried to cover her privates with both hands.

I am also not able to leave Arpita. I removed her hand and started inspecting her naked youth. The beautiful young Arpita looked like a winged angel had just descended from heaven. I had no idea that an eighth-grader could be so beautiful even in a world of scarcity!

I gazed at his newly developed exposed tennis balls. Arpita’s breasts are just like a mold! No man has yet touched it so the khairi ring is quite small and the drops are like kichmich.

I took Arpita’s nipples in my hands and twisted them. Arpita screamed in pain and said, “Sir, why are you doing this? I feel pain!”

I took Arpita’s stalk and sucked it in my mouth. Arpita was very amused as I sucked my milk, “Sir, this feels so good to me! It doesn’t even hurt!”

I sucked Arpita’s breasts for a while, then slowly started going down towards the floor. Arpita’s body started twitching. I pressed my face to Arpita’s smooth, lean belly and kissed her navel, then lowered my face to her pelvic area.
The development of hair around the vagina of a seven-year-old girl is no longer called hair, but a little thick hair! Right in the middle of it is a very fresh, unused, young, tiny coat of fur, the petals not so wide. It seems like a small child has just woken up and is looking at the world with its eyes wide open.

I opened Arpita’s pussy with my fingers. No, the veil has already been torn! Wow, the girl has already passed the first step! Arpita told me that when she was a child, while climbing a tree, she had once torn her satichchh.

I kissed Arpita’s pussy and said, “Arpita, this is very good. If you had a hymen, it would have ruptured during the first intercourse and you would have had to bear a lot of pain, now you don’t have to bear half the pain. There is no possibility of bleeding quickly! Besides, I will carefully insert the cock into your little pussy. You won’t feel any pain.

Arpita, since your vagina has never been used, the passage is quite narrow. That’s why first I have to insert the cock directly without wearing a condom. If you try to expose the vagina after wearing a condom, the condom will break. Once my thing is fully inserted, I have to take it out and put the condom back in before I can play properly!”

I kissed Arpita’s pussy again. Arpita pressed her feet and said, “Shit, sir, that’s not my place to complain!” Why are you making a dirty face?”

I smiled and said, “Arpitarani, the vagina is not just a place to poop, it is also a place for intercourse, love and fornication. Through the vagina, the male penis penetrates the body of the female and creates a bridge of intercourse. It’s the luck of any young man to get a chance to face the fresh pussy of a young woman like you, go! Achoda Gud of a virgin is always sacred. The juice that comes out of your pussy is sweeter than honey. You sit with your legs apart, I will make you more excited with my mouth on your pussy. Then someday you’ll be scrambling to get a cock yourself!”

After a little hesitation, Arpita finally agreed to spread her legs in front of me. I also put my mouth on the fresh pubic hair of the eight-year-old maiden with the pleasure of my heart and started drinking fresh kamars.

Arpita began to squirm like a cut chicken and said, “Sir, what are you doing? I can’t stay any longer!” He began to give happiness.

It can be thought that a teacher on the first day, instead of teaching, makes the student naked and drinks her semen! I realized that day how delicious the semen of a virgin girl is!

However, it is probably not appropriate to put a cock in the girl’s mouth and ask her to suck it in the first conversation. Due to lack of experience, he may be reluctant to suck cock. So someday I will suck my cock with this rod.

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