Student Teacher Sex Story

Within a few moments, Arpita got really excited and opened my panty with her feet and started to poke and prod my thick black haired pussy with her toes. I realized that the iron was already hot, so this time he had to strike.

To break the seal of a virgin girl, there is no other way than mishanari asana, so I laid Arpita on the bed and climbed on top of her. Arpita got a little scared and said, “Sir, insert your big rod slowly, otherwise I will die of pain!”

Arpita’s perky and perky breasts pressed against my hairy chest. Churidi’s breasts looked more beautiful while sleeping. If I press a virgin girl’s breasts, they will hang, and as a teacher, I should not harm the girl’s breasts, I thought, I started to stroke her breasts. Arpita’s nipple swelled slightly.

I stuck the tip of my barked akhamba cock in the narrow slit of Arpita’s pussy and pressed a little harder. Arpita winced in pain and said, “Leave it sir…. Please let me go! I’m dying of pain! I can’t stand your big things, ugh!”

But I felt that I succeeded in inserting at least the front part of the penis into Arpita’s pussy! I excited her some more by sucking Arpita’s lips, kissing her cheeks and pressing her nipples together. Then I smeared the tip of the penis and the body with spit to make it more agitated and pushed it back into the vagina and pressed it with moderate force.

Arpita cried again. But the tip of the cock went into the vagina to get excited. I put my fingers in Arpita’s vagina to see if there was any bleeding. No, there was no bleeding, meaning Arpita’s vagina was not ruptured. I’m sure he can tolerate my growth. But Arpita’s age is very young, so she needs to be patient so that the pain is as little as possible.

In fact, my cock is a little longer and thicker than other boys! When I was in college, my friends used to tell me that I was a horse, that is, as big as a horse’s penis, and that any girl I would crack would be in a lot of trouble! Arpita is a boy, just a teenager; It will be difficult for the poor woman to bear this increase of mine.

But that being said, I can’t let go of a fresh virgin teenager without getting my hands on it! So after taking some time to handle Arpita, I pressed a little harder again. Arpita’s pitiful cries filled the room. Most of my cock went into her cunt.

That is, I was successful in uncovering the virginity of a girl! The charm of young soft pussy is different! Then I am also a twenty-four-year-old unmarried boy. Even if I want to, I have not had the opportunity to insert a cock in the vagina! So this is my first experience. I succeeded in turning Arpita from a virgin into a woman.

Arpita was still crying a lot because of the pain. My cock was stuck in her pussy. I closed the gap for a while and continued to suck her lips and lightly press her nipples to increase her excitement and make her pussy more slippery.
In a while I felt Arpita’s pain reduced and she too was trying to pull my cock more fearfully. I put a little more pressure and inserted the entire cock into her vagina. I saw that Arpita did not protest.

I slowly started hitting him. I was having a lot of fun pounding the young fresh pussy and Arpita was also enjoying her first pounding of life.

Then Arpita said, “Sir, you forgot to wear a condom!” Take out the cock, teach me, I’m wearing a condom!”

Of course, this time it is very important to wear a condom! Otherwise, the first shot may be an unwanted goal. So I took the cock out of the vagina and held it in front of Arpita’s face and taught her how to wear a condom.

Before putting on the condom, Arpita kissed the tip of my cock and said, “Sir, your device is very big, but I managed to insert it into my pussy. Your hair is also very thick, curly and black, and your chin and chin are very beautiful. I am no longer a virgin, I have attained full womanhood with your blessings and love. Several girlfriends in my class have had this experience. From now I can also participate in their discussions.

At first I was very intimidated by your huge cock and was very worried how I would be able to withstand the pressure of it. But you spoiled my virginity with great care by giving me courage.”

By now my cock was coming and going very smoothly in Arpita’s tight and small pussy. But wearing a condom, I could not feel the warmth of Arpita’s pussy properly on the cock. I said, “Arpita, your vagina is flexible enough, so it was not difficult to insert the cock for the first time. The fun of teenage pussy is different! Because of youth, your butt bite is very strong! Yes, when is your period? What happens every day? Or forward or backward?”

Arpita said, “No sir, it happens on the same day. But why?” I said, “Five days before menstruation is a safe time. Then there is no fear of stomach if you have sex. So at that time I can fuck you straight into your pussy without wearing a condom. You will enjoy the throbbing of the bare cock even more and you will also be able to feel the warmth of my sperm at the end of the fuck!

My first meeting with the fresh-faced beauty Arpita didn’t last more than ten minutes. After Arpita squirted twice, I couldn’t hold back any more, causing the front of the condom to fill with my cum within moments.

Another benefit of wearing a condom is that semen does not spread. After I fucked Arpita, when the cock was a little soft, I took it out of the vagina and rolled up the condom and opened it. Arpita wiped the spilled semen from me with her used panty.

I knew that the teen was having sex for the first time in her teenage life, so if she didn’t feel it at the moment due to orgasm, she would definitely feel pain in the anus later. It is not right to give her sex again the next day, then the girl will be afraid of sex and may not agree to give sex later. Therefore, after three or four days, it should be done again. Moreover, Arpita’s safe period will start after three to four days, then there will be no need to cover the condom while giving her sex.

I did not go to Arpita’s house for the next two days. On the morning of the third day, I got a call from Arpita, “Sir, what happened, why are you not coming? A student, or a student’s youth, which one you don’t like, sir? Meanwhile, you set my body on fire! It is your responsibility to take it down, sir!”

I understood from Arpita’s words that after enjoying female pleasure, the girl is burning with lust and can’t stay without getting fucked. I said, “Arpita, both my student and the student’s youth are very much liked! I also don’t feel good about not being able to enjoy my beautiful teenage girl. Actually I thought your pussy would be sore after exposing your virginity on the first fuck. So I didn’t go for two days to give you time to recover.”

Arpita said, “Yes sir, the pain was very bad and my anus was also very swollen. Even when I went to urinate I felt pain. However, after taking the medicine given by you, the pain has reduced significantly since yesterday. In fact, your cock is very long and thick! But yes… Hebby things! My pussy is itching to take it again! I’m ready to eat now! Now there is no one in my house except grandma. You come to my house now and cut down on the cunt, sir!”

I couldn’t ignore the girl’s request anymore. Even after hearing Arpita’s words, my cock began to twitch. Such is the allure of the youthful pussy. I immediately left for Arpita’s house.

Arpita wore the same dress that day too, ie just a tapfrock. But underwear doesn’t exist, so her newly blossomed juicy mangoes are freely peeking through the fringes of a tapestry.

I wanted to teach Arpita for a while first but she didn’t agree to anything. Arpita said that the teaching will be done in the presence of family members, but there will be no fucking, so she will warm her body before anyone comes, and then focus on studying.

As Arpita was not wearing panty that day, lifting the tapefrock revealed her buttery soft and fresh cunt. Arpita’s pussy looked very mature today after eating once the previous day. I myself immediately took off all my clothes and became completely naked.

Freshly used pussy surrounded by silky soft hair! What a tempting thing! I put my mouth in Arpita’s pussy and started drinking her cum. Arpita started shaking.

My cock was throbbing. Arpita was shaking it with her hands. I said, “Arpita, have you eaten lollipop? Suck my cock in your mouth, it’s like a lollipop!”

Arpita hesitated a little and said, “Emma, ​​that’s your mother’s place!” Moreover, you will put it in my pussy! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I feel like sucking cock! No… I can’t!”

I kissed Arpita’s mother and lifted her on me in 69 seats and said, “No Arpita, it’s not a shame or a shame! All girls love to suck boys cock. I am also facing your pussy. Besides, it has only been used to make me cum and last time it was the first time it entered a girl’s vagina. Take one bite, you’ll love it too!”

I held Arpita’s head and pushed the tip of my cock on her lips. Arpita took the cock in her mouth with a little reluctance at first but after a few sips she got amused and said, “Sir, your cock juice is so delicious! I couldn’t think. But your cock is so long and thick that even if the tip of it is stuck in my throat, not even half of it is in my mouth and the mouth is gaping.”

Arpita’s words made me smile. Seeing me laughing, Arpita said angrily, “Dhyat, you are not very rude!” He forced me to suck cock, and now he’s laughing! Go, I won’t talk to you again, you bastard!”

To anger Arpita, I squeezed the mouth of the cock more and said, “No, while sucking the cock, you talk or what? My cock is working in your small mouth! So you suck the fat lollipop first, then you talk!”

In response, Arpita gave me a gentle bite. I screamed ‘Wee Ma, I’m dead’. Arpita looked at me with a big smile as if she wanted to say ‘look at the throw, how I caught it this time’! I also said to myself, ‘Chundi, today you have provoked me! Look this time, how I give you a bed!’

My pleasure knew no bounds when I saw Arpita’s fresh pussy and hips in front of my eyes. I licked her hips as I mouthed her pussy. Octagonal hips also have another magic. The perineum is very small and tight, but very clean and no foul odor.

Without wasting any more time in sucking we both got ready to fuck. This time I made Arpita sit on my hairy davana in the cowgirl seat so that I could enjoy the luscious milky tingle of the stick while pounding. Arpita’s cock was tickling as it touched her cunt.

Since Arpita had her safe period at that time, there was no need to wear a condom. I stuck the tip of the cock in Arpita’s cunt and asked her to jump hard on me. Arpita jumped up and shouted ‘Ahh, I’m dead’. Both cock and cunt were throbbing, causing my whole cock to go into a throbbing knot in her cunt on the first thrust.

Yes, it was right to say it was knotted, because the fear of her tight and hot pussy could not move my cock. I placed both hands under Arpita’s ass and began to lift and release it repeatedly, so that my cock could travel effortlessly into her pussy with the jerking of her ass.

However, the duluni of the well-formed Maier of Ashtadasi Kanya is completely different. No shaking, just like two juicy ripe mangoes swaying in a gentle breeze!

Arpita happily said, “Sir, do you want to eat milk while you are having sex?” I walk forward and kiss your face!”
Arpita did so. I started sucking and pounding Arpita’s breasts. As Arpita walked, her anus seemed to be a little more open, so my cock was coming and going freely.

The girl’s pussy is bright, that’s it! It seemed as if Arpita Guder’s fear is squeezing my cock!

Can you imagine, my student is completely naked jumping on my bed? This is probably his gurudakshina, which he handed over to me before teaching!

The second fucking lasted about twenty five minutes with the cowgirl in the seat. But in the meantime, Arpita drained my vagina and bathed me four times and finally filled her soft cunt with all the semen that was stored in my body. Arpita was squirming as the semen dripped.

Or safe period, otherwise what happened that day, Arpita’s flock would have been eaten! So that day I decided to fuck Arpita with a condom from the next time! Otherwise there will be no forgiveness for this mistake!

After fucking Arpita I used to teach her. At that time Arpita was studying very hard. Arpita’s exam result is very good.

Six months passed like this. I also got a very good job. I continued teaching Arpita and during this time I fucked her many times in different asanas. By that time, Arpita’s teats had grown a little, her belly and ass had become heavier, her pussy had also become quite wide and the hairs had thickened and turned into soft black hair.

One day Arpita said to me, “After being fucked so many times for so long, I don’t feel like saying ‘Sir you’ anymore. Can I get the right to say ‘Sujoy Tu’ from now on? No objection, huh?”

I loved Arpita and said, “Of course Arpita, now we are lovers, so you will call me ‘Sujoy Tu’. I love you, darling!”

Arpita raised my hand and said, “Sujoy, you are the only man in my life and you are the one who ruined my virginity and gave me female happiness. Can you give me your penis forever? will you marry me Then my parents will be very happy and will be able to rest assured by handing me over to you. But my family is not wealthy at all, a family of poverty. So maybe there will be no marriage and you will get nothing but me.”

That’s right, but I found Arpita all fresh and intact from the start and only I enjoyed her and her youth. Now I am standing on my own feet, so I can make the student my life partner. In-laws don’t need money, I earn enough.

I hugged Arpita and said, “Yes honey, I want to marry you. I don’t need anything, I just want four things. That’s your tits, pussy, hips and thighs! You come to my house with these four things, that’s it! But you will have to wait till you come of age and till then we will have to carry on poaching like this”

Arpita blushed and slapped me gently on my cheek and said in a sensual tone, “Oh, so you don’t need my cheeks, nose, lips, ears, that is, my whole body with kisses?”

I kissed Arpita’s mother and said, “Arpita, everything from your hair to your toenails is mine! But we are all done, so what will you do on the night of flowers, honey?”

Arpita said, “Fulsajra night? We will be like siblings on the night of flowers! I’ll dress you up in a rakhi, but what will you do?”

I said, “Don’t caress the little sister’s cheek, I will caress her breast and butt!” So it will be?

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